Is this you?

You may be the Marketing Director or CEO of an international OTC self care or life science company, or the brand manager of a UK food or drink brand with high ambitions and a heap of good ideas. You’re responsible for getting products on shelves and into shopping baskets and you’re under pressure from all sides of the business. It’s down to you and your team to know the consumer and the marketplace intimately, to get the packaging design right, to execute it perfectly across ranges, to get listings in the right places and to increase sales.

Packaging design – high risk, high reward for your brand

You know you only have a split second for a consumer to decide whether to choose your product or walk on by. In the supermarket, the pharmacy or the DIY store, you need to make your moment count.

This means that nothing is more important than the quality of the branding and packaging.  When it’s based on true consumer understanding, deep knowledge of the marketplace, and clear objectives it’s got a chance to shine. If the design is executed with care, passion and skill it will shine even brighter.  When the reverse is true your product gets lost. Maybe it sinks without trace. There’s no escaping the risk. Relaunching an existing product is tough. 80% of product launches fail.

Why is it so difficult to get branding design and packaging right? Because it’s a highly specialised task.

Give your product the best start in life

You need expert consultants and designers who understand the marketplace, and who can turn their skills to create exactly the right unique packaging for your product. Large design agencies deal in volume, so you’re unlikely to get the most experienced eyes and minds on your account if you outsource the work to them. They tend not to be fast or flexible either, two things you really need when you’re under pressure. So the result is the odds are stacked against them and many brands just don’t give their products the best start in life.

The answer is to collaborate with an expert team who understand branding and packaging inside out. A team with a proven process and track record in brilliant packaging design, and the passion and skills to create something bespoke for your product. Good people who will guide you and your team through the design journey, deliver exactly what’s needed and get everyone as fired up as you are.

That’s where we come in.