What do our clients think?

  • Omega Pharma
    Global Category Manager Omega Pharma

    My team and I are super happy with the design results on Yokebe. The Reach process felt collaborative from start to finish.  The workshop, as well as being an excellent way of getting us marketeers to have a more open-minded look at our product and brand, was a very enjoyable day. From the first creative presentation our expectations were exceeded and the end result is something we are very proud of. I can honestly say Reach is the best packaging design agency I have ever worked with.

    Darai Bakai, Global Category Manager, Omega Pharma Corporate (Belgium) 

  • Omega Pharma
    Head of Marketing for Omega Pharma

    “What I love about Reach is that Caroline and her team prefer to be given issues rather than solutions, allowing their creativity to come up with the best possible design to fulfill our packaging needs. As a best-in-class example, many elements have contributed to the successful Bronchostop launch across Europe, the distinguishing and shopper-intuitive white artwork in a colorful cough shelf certainly being one of them.”

    Christophe Van Damme, VP Head of Marketing, Omega Pharma Corporate (Belgium)

  • Encona Sauces for Grace Foods

    “Reach’s process of bringing consumers into the process at the very start just meant that we were all so clear on what had to be done and why. It gave us the confidence to make a big move. From brief to shelf took just over 5 months.”

    Giuseppe Vullo, Brand Manager, Encona Sauces

  • Omega Pharma
    Global Marketing Manager for Omega Pharma

    “I was very much impressed how disciplined the creative process can be while delivering fantastic visual design.The creative work they provide is consumer-centric, intuitive and visually unique. Reach is truly a great design partner for any visual identity project.”

    Malgorzata Niklewska, Global Marketing Manager, Omega Pharma Corporate (Belgium)

  • Creative Combinations for Lyons Seafood

    “Reach have once again proven that their visual co-creation process is capable of uncovering invaluable consumer insights. They have successfully repositioned Lyons Seafood as a charming, characterful and credible brand and have remained true to the creative strategy despite the changing demands of the project.” 

    Paul Vita, Marketing Director, Lyons Seafood Company

  • New Covent Garden Soup for Daniels

    “Over the years I have worked with Reach, they have consistently produced designs that deliver tangible profit enhancing results. I have absolute confidence that the final design will meet objectives. Many design agencies can help you build a brand proposition and design “criteria” but fewer can translate it into design that adds to the bottom line. Reach do, every time.”

    Nigel Parrott, Marketing Director, New Covent Garden Soup

  • Ubley Yoghurts for Yeo Valley

    “Ubley continues to perform outstandingly well for us. For a brand with no marketing spend, the packaging design has to work incredibly hard to stand out and tell a compelling story to consumers in such a competitive category.”

    Dan Rusga, Head of Marketing, Yeo Valley

  • Sunblest for Allied Bakeries

    “One of the biggest challenges to overcome was to engage the different stakeholders in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Reach really understood this conundrum and succeeded in engaging both groups in advance of the project, which was invaluable. Consumers recognise the new pack as Sunblest and moreover they now feel that it communicates ‘their Sunblest’ really well. Our team and consumers look at the new design and say that it looks like it should always have been that way.”

    Elva O’Connor, Brand Manager, Allied Bakeries

  • Koji Natural Soft Drink for startup Future Drinks

    “I took a leap of faith that the co-creation process would work. However, the Reach team produced such significant and detailed stimulus material with a high level of objective insight that gave me full confidence in the process. I hadn’t seen this amount of detail at a similar stage before, and it resulted in a reassuringly informed and tight creative brief.”

    Tim Chater, Managing Director, Future Drinks

  • Lyons Seafood

    “We have led the UK in creating & developing the responsibly sourced prawn market mainly through private label. However, we also have a branded business that needed revitalising and working with Reach has unlocked the potential in the brand.”

    Paul Vita, Marketing Director, Lyons Seafood Company

  • Omega Pharma
    Head of Marketing for Omega Pharma

    “Reach is one of our preferred partners to work with when it comes to packaging design. Caroline and her team truly understand the crucial role packaging plays in today’s environment when it comes to catching the shopper’s attention. My team and I really enjoy the active co-create sessions allowing all stakeholders to first truly understand the well-established category rules to see what works and what doesn’t to then determine all together how to make a real difference in that very same category – a difference to make our packaging more intuitive and thus easier for the end consumer, who is not always as committed as we marketers tend to believe.”

    Christophe Van Damme, VP Head of Marketing, Omega Pharma Corporate (Belgium)

  • Mr Sheen Polish for Reckitt Benckiser UK

    “Through their visual co-creation process Reach has brought to light some highly valuable consumer insights which have made all the difference to the new brand positioning. They succeeded in giving the brand a more modern and fresher identity, making it more compelling to today’s consumer lifestyle.” 

    Aurore Lankar, Brand Manager, Reckitt Benckiser

  • Own brand packaging identity for Wickes

    “For a retailer to package virtually every sku in its business is a massive undertaking. It would be easy to focus on just getting through the project and accepting fit for purpose packaging design. What Reach have done is enable us to deliver pack designs of the highest quality, even by branded product standards, right across our business. We are very proud of what we are achieving.”

    Rob Murray, Marketing Director, Wickes

  • Omega Pharma
    Global Marketing Manager for Omega Pharma

    “Caroline and her team at Reach apply a very unique and highly productive process which allows to create outstanding new visual identities for brands. From the very first stage key stakeholders are engaged, making the subsequent stages pass quickly and effectively. Caroline herself creates a friendly ambiance where anyone’s thoughts are taken into consideration but she also inspires to take the thinking to another level.”

    Malgorzata Niklewska, Global Marketing Manager, Omega Pharma Corporate (Belgium)

  • Olympic Coin Collection for the Royal Mint

    “Reach’s insight driven approach has been of great benefit to the Olympic team, informing both the design and advertising brief which we believe represents real value. They are great to work with and know when to challenge to get the best creative strategy and ultimately benefit the client business”

    Matt Hunt, The Royal Mint

  • Rocombe Ice Cream for Yeo Valley

    “The new identity was so compelling and unusual, it allowed us to gain significant new distribution for the brand in London’s discerning independent deli trade.”

    Dan Rusga, Head of Marketing, Yeo Valley

  • Johnsons Juices for Daniels

    “The national profile and consumer exposure the new Starbucks listing gave the brand was massive, it gave the brand exactly the platform it needed from which to build sales.”

    Daniel Gough, Brand Manager, Daniels

  • Zeal cookware for Kitchen Innovations

    “Reach helped us completely change the way we understand our brand. Some of their insights gave us the courage of our convictions, many were radically different from our assumptions. We were also impressed by the ability of the team to reflect the core values of the company into the brand development process, so that the finalised brand position felt right and would also suit future product plans. We have achieved the desired results – The relaunch has been successful and has generated a great uplift in the perception of Zeal.” 

    James Bartleet, Director, Kitchen Innovations

  • Ardmore Malt Whisky for Jim Beam Brands

    “The design achieves just the right balance for the positioning of this unique new single  malt whisky. Although the whisky is peated, it has an accessible taste profile. The guiding eagle captures this perfectly”

    Michael Cockram, Director Scotch Whisky, Beam Global Spirits and Wine

  • Nature Valley Cereal Bars for General Mills EMEA

    “The brand is growing in value share AND all consumer measures in ALL the markets where we play. From UK to Saudi Arabia, NV is considered a success and the packaging has been a key tool to achieve it in communicating the great taste of this wholesome snack.”

    Michela Andrenacci, European Marketing Manager, Nature Valley

  • Omega Pharma
    Jungle Formula Inspect Repellant for Omega Pharma

    “The consumer informed approach that Reach adopt really helped the process and informed the brief such that design development was quick and easy. It also made the internal sign off much easier. Reach are great to work with and answered the brief – what more could I want.”

    Louise White, Marketing Controller, Omega Pharma