We need you

We know that you can only do great work with great clients, and our senior team of strategists and designers work best with a senior client team. So, if you’re a Brand Owner, CEO/CMO or Marketing Director who is looking for big agency experience but wants better value for money, and a more collaborative way of working – we could be the design partner for you.

Working for UK and global brands, we have experience across a wide range of categories from food and drink, to gardening, and health & wellbeing. Projects range from new product launches for established brands, to creating new brands from scratch.

Our clients are often responsible for a master brand that needs to be rolled-out across different markets. This is where Client Democracy™ works particularly well; our co-creation workshops have been carefully designed to engage multiple stakeholders, so that everybody has the opportunity to be heard, and feels more ownership of the final outcome.

Sometimes our clients will come to us if their brand looks out of date, or if product formulations and benefits have been improved – all of which needs to be communicated through the packaging, to keep the brand relevant.

The clients that work with us recognise the power of packaging, and have the confidence to look outside of London to find the right design partner; one that will work with them (not against them), to get the best results.