Reach offers a very different business model and team structure to the traditional design agency. We’re flexible and agile, and create bespoke project teams to deliver highly effective, better value branding and packaging design.

“Many packaging design agencies rely on a permanent studio team. I think this can limit choice and flexibility – instead, we hand-pick the right people with the right passions and expertise for your project. ”

Caroline Hagen, MD, Reach

In ‘traditional’ design agencies, projects are serviced by a permanent creative team, which usually includes a creative director, a small number of senior designers, plus many less experienced supporting designers (‘middleweight’ or ‘junior’ designers). These individuals all have specialities, interests and relevant experience – but the project team will still be selected from a small pool.

What’s more, even if your project is initially ‘concepted’ by the senior, heavyweight designers, once the idea is agreed, less experienced team members will often end-up rolling out and delivering the bulk of your project.

At Reach we do things differently…

Instead of employing a permanent team, we’ve built a network of senior self-employed collaborators, who come together in teams to meet the needs of each packaging design, branding or brand activation project. This means our clients benefit from the best team for the project, rather than the team available at the time…and that team stays on the project from concept to completion for consistent quality.


Let’s look at it another way. When you shop, you might visit a department store. They have items that are suitable for your needs. They’re… OK; Acceptable. But when you visit a boutique or use a personal shopping service, it’s a different experience – carefully put together to suit you. It’s truly bespoke and wholly personalised – your perfect project fit.  


  1. Every individual in your team has the right experience, skills and professional specialities for your project.
  2. You get top-flight senior creatives, every time, every step of the way.
  3. Who you meet is who you work with, from kick-off meeting to successful project delivery.
  4. You access artwork expertise and print production consultancy normally only available from the largest packaging design consultancies.
  5. Our overheads are much lower than agencies who operate a traditional fixed-salary model – and we pass those savings on.

Bottom line?  You’re getting much better value for money with altogether more exciting creative results!


Here at Reach, we believe the biggest agencies would take a more flexible approach if they were starting from scratch in our new connected, modern world. And though it’s clearly good for your business, there’s another upside to our flexible business model: it attracts top creative talent. We’re living in a world where self-determination, career fluidity, home working and the opportunity to develop a more diverse skillset is a big draw, and thanks to new technologies, it’s all possible.  


Caroline Hagen

All projects are led by our founder and MD, Caroline Hagen. She pioneered our co-creational Client Democracy approach, and shares 25 years’ experience and strategic insight. From discussing your ambitions through to delivering the magic, Caroline ensures the highest possible standards every step of the way.
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