Get your brand positioning right and everything flows successfully from it. Without pinning it down and ensuring all your team buys in, all brand communication and innovation can unravel. Each aspect of the marketing mix needs to sing from the same song sheet to create a coherent brand message, personality and values to the consumer.

Consolidating your brand positioning means every piece of packaging, activation and communication works together to create a more coherent and compelling brand that truly resonates with your audience, and stands out in today’s crowded marketplace.

Innovation built on this same brand positioning leads to new product ideas that only your brand is best placed to launch.

Who is this service for?

You want to invest in and elevate your brand to improve its relevance with your consumers but are not confident the brand positioning you have is fit for purpose. Or you may not have a formal document at all, instead, you have a few ideas that need building into something you can be confident will resonate with consumers and can be a useful resource for your team.

So where do you start?

Using Reach as your brand positioning consultant, our collaborative, creative and actionable approach offers a number of tangible, measurable benefits:

  • Our process is built on our ethos of Client Democracy. By involving your team in our process, we can tap into a diverse range of perspectives and ideas. This helps us to address any blind spots or gaps, as well as ensure that everyone feels heard and valued.
  • This creates buy-in so that the brand positioning strategy remains intact and the message continues to build, even when wider members of the marketing team are tasked with its execution.
  • We have no fixed research ideology or partner. We select the research methodology that gives us answers to any specific gaps in insight
  • We facilitate inspiring, energetic and thought-provoking workshops to stimulate attendees to create a wealth of rich ideas to engage your target consumer
  • Because we are a design agency at heart:
    • we can visualise ideas quickly and easily to test hypotheses internally or with consumers
    • our output is well designed, using carefully crafted visuals to qualify the words, providing clear direction and inspiration in the guidelines we deliver
    • the final brand book will be user-friendly for you and any of your partner creative agencies

How does the process work?

  1. Project Planning. We’ll start with a conversation to understand your needs and check that we can help you with the particular challenge you are facing for roughly the budget you have. Followed by a face-to-face meeting where you give us an overview briefing and we can give you an idea of what we’re like to work with by showing you case studies that demonstrate how we have successfully tackled similar challenges before. We’ll also agree on the full scope of the project. All being well, and if the chemistry is right, we will finish with a proposal that outlines the process, methodology, fees and timing. Once that is signed off, we can kick off the project.
  2. Discovery. We gain a deep understanding of the brand and market through a combination of stakeholder conversations and desk research, including competitor mapping and trend analysis. Once our findings are shared with you, it may be decided to conduct consumer research to provide any missing insight.
  3. Exploration. We’ll prepare and facilitate a co-creative workshop with you to explore brand positioning territories and gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s identity and values. Deliverables will include a scrapbook of key workshop output: hypotheses around brand truths, proposition, values and consumer empathy maps
  4. Creative strategy. We develop 3-4 brand ideas, comprising key visuals and copy. After incorporating client feedback, the agreed ideas are put into consumer research and the key findings used to develop the final route. This ensures the final idea is aligned both to client goals and consumer values.
  5. Activation. This final phase centres around a one-day activation workshop. It’s an opportunity for multiple stakeholders to gain a deeper connection to the brand idea and co-create with Reach designers how it can be expressed across different touchpoints. The insights generated help us to finalise the strategic brand framework before producing the brand book—which captures how the brand will be expressed and experienced in the real world.

The brand book is then yours to drive and inspire all future brand activity.