Very often, as far as the consumer is concerned, your packaging is your product – you buy a bottle of insect repellent liquid, or a box of teabags; all the consumer sees on the shelf is the bottle or the box, not the contents. So if what you sell has to be packaged, the packaging is actually an intrinsic part of your product.

Your packaging is your sales person

If you have a range of products, then your packaging is also your sales person; pointing out the variety the consumer is after, or encouraging them to buy their usual variety plus a new one. Read a case study.

Your packaging is your brand

Your packaging is also your brand. It sits there on-shelf and on-line constantly sending out your core brand message. Your marketing messages may change each season or year, but your packaging remains constant – often for as many as 3 or 4 years.

To be clear, when we are talking packaging we generally mean the graphic design of your pack which comprises the majority of our work.

Occasionally the opportunity comes along for us to create a new pack format (ie the shape and structure of the pack) which requires an entirely different set of skills; and for this we will turn to our team of structural experts, who can design and engineer the new pack/product or source off the shelf packaging that can meet your needs.

Who is this for

Anyone who believes their packaging could work harder for them as it is out of date. This could be because:

You might want to just nudge the design on a little to improve it or it might need a complete overhaul. We’ll help you decide which it is and are equally at home taking tiny design steps or giant leaps to catapult you to success.

Benefits of working with Reach for your packaging design

All of us have been working as packaging design specialists for between 10 and 30 years, so day in day out we’ve been tackling the problems for our clients that effective packaging design can solve. Our team are experts in their field and pride themselves on the packaging design skills they have developed.

We recognise that our clients are unlikely to be experts in packaging design. Very often our clients have only worked on one packaging project before, if at all. We take this into account and bring our clients into the design process as much as possible. It means you have a hand in our decision-making process. We’ll help you understand why things are designed in a particular way, so that you learn too.

How the process works

  1. Conversation. We’ll start with a conversation that checks that we can help you with the particular challenge you are facing for roughly the budget you have. 
  2. Face to face. This will be followed by a face to face (or video conference) meeting where you will give us an overview briefing and we can give you an idea of what we’re like to work with by showing you case studies that demonstrate how we have successfully tackled similar challenges before. We’ll also agree the full scope of the project.
  3. Costs. All being well, and if we both believe the chemistry is right, we will follow up this meeting with a topline costing that outlines the process, costs and timing. And if that is acceptable to you, we can then kick the project off by providing you with a detailed proposal for your sign off.
  4. Briefing. Our first project meeting will be an in-depth briefing where we’ll help you download all your knowledge (we’ll give you a questionnaire before this meeting to help you gather your thoughts and information).
  5. Workshop. The next step will be a workshop with the full Reach team (Caroline Hagen, the lead designer and the account director) and here we will create the foundations of success for your new packaging design.