Creating direct-to-consumer packaging


Perrigo is a pan European pharmaceutical company, which owns a number of well-known brands, 

XLS Medical’s range of clinically proven weight-loss products being one of their most successful.

They developed an app, mynudgeplan by xl-s, that would support consumers on their weight loss journey and to make it easy to access, they made the weight loss tablets available with the app as a bundled direct-to consumer (DTC) online product. 

Reach created the mynudgeplan by xl-s brand identity, app badge, DTC packaging design and creative guidelines for the website.

Not only do Reach deliver stand-out creative design for your brand, they focus on creating a story for your brand and bringing that to life through the various creative assets, from packaging to logo.

The team is collaborative, innovative and they really take you along with them on the different steps of the design process.

Melanie Pieters, Global Brand Manager, Perrigo


Perrigo are experts in efficacious medicines, with weight-loss being one of their main pillars. They know weight loss isn’t easy, so created mynudgeplan by xl-s, a personalised programme to help create healthier habits & support consumers on their journey.

The programme includes healthy recipes, easy-to-use workout routines, access to the wider mynudgeplan by xl-s community and rewards for reaching weight-loss goals.

As their chosen strategic packaging design partner, we created the mynudgeplan by xl-s brand identity and packaging – both structure and graphics – as well as creative guidelines for the website to be rolled out by their digital agency partner.

mynudgeplan by xl-s DTC has so far launched in the Netherlands.


The key challenges were:

– How to create an approachable, yet empathic brand identity that resonates with consumers wanting to lose weight 

– How to create a structure for the DTC pack that looks premium, creates a nice impact when opened by the consumer AND fits through the mailbox

– How to clearly highlight the added value benefits the mynudgeplan by xl-s programme provides, as well as how to use the programme


Before embarking up the design of the brand identity, we worked closely with our client to determine:

– The consumer journey and structural opening experience

– The visual relationship between the master brand, XLS Medical, and mynudgeplan  branding

– How to personalise the packaging and tone of voice to give the the consumer the ‘jump-start’ to their journey that they need

The design of the DTC structural packaging was developed prior to the development of the graphic design.

We created working prototypes to share with the client, fine-tuning size, shape and weight with each iteration.


The mynudgeplan by xl-s brand identity uses nudging ‘dominos’ to encapsulate the momentum required for successful weight loss.

Ubiquitous use of the colour orange gives strong brand impact, ownership and recognition. Every time the DTC box is delivered through the letterbox, the consumer is reassured that their XLS medical tablets have arrived and there’s a little ‘nudge’ in their mind. 

The first messages the consumer reads on opening the box are designed to give the consumer the impetus they need to start, kick-start or continue their weight loss jounrney.

The DTC pack has a premium feel, yet is rigid enough to travel safely through the post, fits through the mailbox and most importantly presents the 3 elements to the consumer simply and clearly: the app activation code, the tablets and the explanatory leaflet.


When selling direct to consumers online, particularly with a weight loss product, you need to take into account the whole consumer journey, from adding the product to their basket online, through to the final opening of the box in their home.

• The weight loss element of the branding needs to be discreet on the outside as it’s delivered through the post for all to see

• The information inside the box needs to be instant and encouraging – inspiring the recipient to start their weight loss journey promptly 

• The supporting information in the leaflet needs to be presented in a clinical way, reassuring consumers of the efficacy of the product.