About Reach Brands

Led by packaging brand strategist Caroline Hagen, Reach is a team of talented and highly experienced self-employed collaborators working together to revolutionise the way branding and packaging design gets done. It’s a more strategic approach, and a more flexible and democratic way of working, and it leads to truly impactful results.

Is this you?

We work with food and drink, beauty, pharma and scientific companies, with those responsible for bringing new products to market or rebranding existing ones for new target audiences. Mission critical projects, where the stakes and risks are high excite us. Also products, and brands whose values match our own find a home at Reach. We’re big believers that business can be a force for good, and have shaped our business so we can help smaller companies who are on a journey to change the world

Our clients are under pressure to turn an idea into reality. They want their product to shine from the shelves and generate more sales, more conversations, more love, more profit and to become part of everyday life for their consumers.

We help them to crystallise their ideas and their objectives, to create packaging design that embodies their brand, and visually jumps out to consumers on shelf.

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Client Democracy delivers the best results

When it comes to creating brilliant packaging design, experience has taught us that respect for everyone involved in the process is key. So we’ve created a revolutionary approach to the creative design process. We call it Client Democracy, and it is collaborative to its core. Our aim is to get the very best from you and your team and the very best for your brand.

Working together, we’ll design branding and packaging that resonates with what consumers desire, and stands out in your marketplace.

The result is beautiful and memorable packaging design that flies off the shelves and continues to work at home, engendering brand loyalty for the long term.

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