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Reach is an award winning team of talented and highly experienced self-employed collaborators working together to revolutionise the way branding and packaging design gets done. It’s a more strategic approach, and a more flexible and democratic way of working, and it leads to truly impactful results.



Reach & Bronchostop – breaking the rules to stand out on shelf
We’ve built a great working relationship with Omega Pharma, which enabled us to really push boundaries together for the launch of their new Bronchostop range. Together we bucked the healthcare packaging norms – dark warm colours with technical drawing images of throats and lungs. Instead, our pack is predominantly white with a pink logo and symbol.

It’s a brave decision that’s really paid off. Cut through on shelf is instant, drawing new consumers to it at the fixture and enabling loyal consumers to find their brand of choice instantly when they return to purchase again. And fortune has certainly favoured the brave: Omega Pharma gained a 10% market share within just 5 months. 

Nature Valley

Quantitative research backed a transitional approach

Even though the update is subtle, the new design was researched to ensure the brand’s appeal was enhanced and consumers still recognised ‘their’ brand and also to explore whether new consumers who had previously rejected this old fashioned looking brand, could now be persuaded to try it. The new pack performed strongly in quantitative research. The percentage of people agreeing with the following statements increased as follows:

  • ‘Wanting to try’ from 27% to 39%
  • ‘Attractive’ from 23% to 35%
  • ‘Healthy’ from 57% to 65%
  • ‘Quality’ from 35% to 47%
  • ‘Appetising’ from 28% to 40%

These results gave the brand team the confidence to go full steam ahead to launch the updated design across Europe knowing they would keep their loyal consumer base and also reach a new group of consumers.