Air Wick Air Freshener for Reckitt Benckiser Global

The brief

Air Wick was typical of many global brands. There were various designs for Air Wick being used around the world and within those designs further minor variations. The challenge was to bring consistency across 25 countries and 458 SKUs.

On top of this there were two fragrance NPD initiatives – hydroponics and essential oils to be introduced across ranges and various ‘gadgets’ launches.

Some packs were single language whilst others had to carry 2 or 3 languages.

Scents and smells have remarkable power to alter and evoke moods. Reach’s designs for Airwick’s seasonal range bought a sense of the season and its mood to the packs, giving equal importance to the emotive qualities of the fragrance as well as the fragrance itself.

Carine Jansz, Air Care Global Marketing Manager, Reckitt Benckiser