Zeal cookware for Kitchen Innovations

The Brief

The Zeal product exudes quality and innovation, plus it has 35 years experience and yet custom was rapidly being lost to upstart brand Joseph Joseph who hit the market with stunning brand design and marketing.

Our challenge was to increase brand awareness – most target consumers already have at least one Zeal product in their kitchen and don’t even realise it.  And to use packaging to improve visual merchandising to achieve brand blocking and stand out in store (mainly independents).

Reach helped us completely change the way we understand our brand. Some of their insights gave us the courage of our convictions, many were radically different from our assumptions. We were also impressed by the ability of the team to reflect the core values of the company into the brand development process so that the finalised brand position felt right and would also suit future product plans. We have achieved the desired results – The relaunch has been successful and has generated a great uplift in the perception of Zeal.

James Bartleet, Director, Kitchen Innovations