Packaging design for pan-European brands

Are you the Marketing Director or CEO of a pan-European product company looking for a brand packaging design partner?

Our clients are often running the corporate hub of a network of European companies. They’re responsible for the generation of a master brand and pack design that the countries then roll out themselves.

Often they have a new product to launch into the range of an existing brand and need new packaging design. Perhaps the new product to launch won’t fit under any of the existing brands in their portfolio and so they need to create a new brand. Or it could be that the brand looks out of date in its marketplace; the product formulation and benefits may have been improved and this also needs to be reflected in the packaging.

They’re feeling the pressure. They know that about 80% of all new product and brand launches fail within 1 year.

Why established corporates choose us

They choose to work with us because of our expertise in packaging design. While we have experience of designing packaging for a wide range of household products, our depth of experience working with ranges made of natural products – pharmaceutical, food and drink, gardening – suits their portfolio.

They also like the way we work and the quality of service we deliver.

Previously in their career they’ve most likely worked for huge multinational organisations and have experienced what it’s like to be a client of a big networked agency.  They know what big looks and feels like, and know that their company would play second fiddle to the larger accounts on the books. The inflexibility of big agencies doesn’t suit the way they want to work.

Senior, experienced support

They want the best people on their case; senior intelligent creative agency strategic staff and designers, and not junior staff on their projects. And because they’re responsible for delivering projects for marketing teams in other countries that don’t always see things their way, they value our experienced support with managing various stakeholders.

Our clients really like to be involved in the design process because they recognise the power packaging design has to make a brand and a product successful. They’ve seen the process or end design go wrong before and know how careful you have to be in your choice of packaging design agency.

They need to use market research at some point in a project, usually quantitative and sometimes qualitative. They’re happy that we have evolved a way of working that slots market research seamlessly into our process, eliminating many of the project headaches on the way.

They’re experienced enough to not feel the need to work with a big name agency and are confident to look further afield for a different kind of agency to help them get their packaging design right.  

Best of UK design, from Britain’s most creative city

Finally our clients understand the value of UK design, and want it for their product. They know that London agencies are expensive, and they’ve heard of the noise that Bristol is making as a creative design city.

If this sounds like you, get in touch. Call on 0117 973 7936 or email.

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