Packaging design for growing startups

Are you a founder of a startup looking for help to bring your food, drink, or health and beauty product onto a bigger stage?

Our startup clients own small or medium businesses selling packaged goods. They are in the early years of their business and their brand has masses of potential for growth. They’re usually based in or around Bristol. Like us, they love this innovative creative city and want to help it thrive.  

Their product already has an audience, they’ll have been selling it either direct to wholesalers or health food stores or directly to consumers at markets and fairs. They have some loyal customers, and are excited at the potential they see, but daunted by the process ahead. They don’t know how to take the business to the next level.

The story so far when they meet us is usually one of bootstrapping the company, using a designer “friend” to create their brand/pack design. But now the lack of professional design is starting to hold them back. They’re keen to get the brand sharpened up so that their product can take its place on supermarket shelves up and down the country.

They want to be involved in the design process, and are keen to learn as much as they can about this side of the business. Success for them would mean a listing in Waitrose or Whole Foods Market, and 5 years down the line, being in a position to sell the brand for millions.

Why startups and founders in their early years of business choose us

Because they’ve often been making do with homespun packaging that just doesn’t look the part  (and which is now holding them back) our clients are really keen for their products to step up. They need their products to look and act like the real deal. They want professional, experienced brand design to give their products the best chance of success.

All our freelance collaborators are expert packaging designers, so you won’t get juniors working on your product just because you’re not a big name already. We’ll take your product as seriously as you do, and get a huge kick out of helping new businesses compete and win.

Another reason founders like to work with Reach, is because they recognise that the right brand packaging is only half what they need to get to the next level. They need broader business advice too, and our Reach Accelerator offers whole package of help to support young businesses.

Flexible, cost effective support

Alongside friendly and experienced brand packaging and design for new products, Reach Accelerator regularly helps young companies with business plans to help gain funding for expansion and/or design budget. We help put together marketing and sales plans to help gain listings with independent and multiple retailers. And we both advise on, and have access to,  funders who are looking to invest in exciting new food and drink businesses.

Get in touch. Call on 0117 973 7936 or email.

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