Reach works with ambitious clients who need expert help with branding, packaging design, brand activation and new product development. Reach also helps young food and drink start-ups get to market with our Business Growth Consultancy, Reach Accelerator.


Read on to learn more about how Reach can boost your brand and (most importantly) your bottom line.


Branding & Brand Creation

Branding is more than your name, your logo, your font or your colour palette. It’s your hello, your handshake, your ongoing relationship with your customers and your history. Your brand may be rooted in your product, but if you have no discernable product difference between you and your competitors, then it’s the sparkle that helps the consumer choose you.

We help you define the essence of your brand and then translate it into design. We find a unique visual expression to set your brand apart from others in your marketplace.  If you have an existing brand identity, we’ll help you work out what visual elements of it are useful to retain and build on, and what might be holding you back.

Whether you need help to create a brand from scratch or want to evolve an established brand to shine on-shelf, Reach can help.   

Reach branding case studies:

Zeal cookware brand revolution

BE brand & packaging design

Sunblest brand evolution


Packaging Design

Our packaging design will embody your brand. But good design can do much more than that. Done right, packaging design will make your product stand out on shelf; guide the shopper to the variety they are looking for; and drive loyalty once in the home. Here at Reach, we’re equally at home creating a new identity for your packaging or improving an existing packaging design identity. Though the vast majority of our work is in packaging graphics, we also provide 3d structural design including cardboard engineering and bespoke bottle shapes.

Reach packaging design case studies:

Nature Valley


Mr Sheen

Brand Activation

Take your branding and packaging design to the next level with brand activation. We’ll work with you to define a cross-channel strategy to build recognition and engagement. From brand activation work in the point of sale environment (shelf talkers, wobblers, leaflets and displays) through to digital, social, ambient and experiential, we’ll create and roll out a strategy to embody your brand and showcase your new packaging design.

The secret to engaging the consumer with your brand is to create a campaign idea around an emotional need your brand is placed to answer. It’s also important to realise the role of each medium. Is it designed to jump out and engage the consumer? Does it play a supporting role in emphasising a packaging message? We’ll guide you in what messaging is needed where.

Reach brand activation case studies:


Wickes paint


New Product Development (NPD)

Got a new product or range to launch under an existing or new brand? We can help at the development stage by creating quick and cost-efficient visual stimulus to explore in research, so you can quickly see when a concept has traction with consumers.

Once your concept is ready to launch, we can advise on how to position it under an existing brand or whether new branding is required. We’ll then use our branding and packaging design skills to give your new product the best possible chance of success

Reach new product development case studies:  

Lyons seafood creative combinations

E45 Endless Moisture

Wickes paint

Did you know?

Business Growth Consultancy with Reach Accelerator

If you’ve got a great food or drink product, but need help to get your business going and growing, take a closer look at Reach Accelerator. We can provide the sales and branding knowledge, business insight and investment contacts to help promising startups get to flight speed, fast. That means on-shelf, front of mind, and expanding into new markets.