Reach Accelerator – getting your brand to flight speed

You’ve got a great food or drink product. You’re excited about the future. But how do you get where you deserve to be – on-shelf, front of mind, expanding fast? From concept to reality, that’s where Reach Accelerator – our business acceleration service – comes in.

We provide the sales and branding knowledge, business insight and investment contacts to help promising startups get to flight speed, fast. We’ll get under the skin of your business, identify what’s working brilliantly, and pinpoint areas with room for improvement. Then we’ll help you make your definition of success happen with the skills, support and investment you need. That may mean some – or all – of the following:

  • Defining your USP – making the product remarkable
  • Establishing or developing your brand
  • Identifying your niche
  • Creating your packaging and activating your brand
  • Setting your sales and marketing strategy
  • Helping with your business plan
  • Providing market insight
  • Production assistance
  • Bringing wholesalers aboard and building that all important distribution
  • Getting the right type of funding through our network of investors by helping you write your IM (Information Memorandum)

From reviewing and refining your product and processes, to establishing and expanding your market, Reach Accelerator catalyses startups in the food and drink sector to achieve their full potential.

Benefit from working with us

Could you benefit from working with us?

Are you an entrepreneur with a brilliant food or drink product? Do you have big ambitions but need a little mentoring and support with the practical side of business growth? Then Reach Accelerator could be for you.

How does it work?

How does it work?

We’ll kick things off with a meeting to make sure we are all aligned. This is a short preparatory session that ensures you are 100% ready to start the 3-phase process to get you airborne.

Who's behind Reach Accelerator?

Who’s behind Reach Accelerator?

Luke Sapsed heads up our team of business acceleration specialists. Luke has spent 30 years in sales and marketing for brands and companies including Diageo, Scottish and Newcastle and Yeo Valley.

Costs and fees

We understand that not all startups are in a position to invest in external help. That’s why we offer two ways to cover the costs of Reach Accelerator support:

Paid consultancy – we’ll work on a stage by stage basis, only moving through the 3 phases of the process when your budget permits.

Shared risk – depending on your product and potential, we may offer to waive some of our brand design fees in return for equity in the company.

Why choose Reach Accelerator?

We’re the only business acceleration consultancy that combines solid business strategy with strategic branding expertise
We’re proven business ignition and growth specialists with 15 years’ experience
We’re passionate about food and drink. It’s the only area Reach Accelerator works in
You’re in complete control. We’re consultants sharing expertise, not investors with an agenda – though we’ll advise, you decide what happens next
We’re connected. Having built our own successful brand – Koji – we’ve done all the legwork to build an exceptional network, so you don’t have to
We will provide a pragmatic and commercial focus that will help establish the evidence or proof of concept that attracts investors

Let’s talk it through…

The first step to getting your brand up to flight speed is contacting us – so please do get in touch.

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