Visual brand strategy through co-creation

Reach are experts in brand positioning, brand design and innovation. But where we differ to other consultancies is in how we go about it.

We work co-creatively with consumers from the start of a project to help define the strategy and brief. And it is not just when we work with consumers but how. We’ve developed a unique way of breaking down challenges and framing questions into visual examples/scenarios (what we call “quick play”), using imagery, pictures, colour and other tricks in the designers’ toolbox to use in creative brainstorm sessions with consumers.

We use this methodology to gain invaluable and often exciting consumer insight. But the main reason we operate in this way is because of the real affect it has on design solutions. It makes sure that products not only look good, but they also sell.

The kind of challenges we get asked to tackle are usually not the straightforward ones. They could be anything from investigating appetite appeal within a category, to identifying a compelling positioning for a new product idea or reviving a brand steeped in heritage.

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