10 Consumer Stats & Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands


Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.
  1. 56% of consumers claim that they have decided against buying products that have too much packaging
    Eco packaging; by Eva MacIntosh; Marketing; 01.02.2012
  2. More Brits then ever are bringing their lunch to the office. Sales of plastic storage boxes had rocketed by 260% in January according to Morrisons
    Lunchbox sales up as shoppers feel the pinch; The Grocer; 21.01.2012
  3. 57% of mums are not brand loyal and will buy another brand if their preferred brand is out of stock
    For baby, only the best will do; by Jules Leyland; The Grocer; 21.01.2012
  4. According to Asda’s Income Tracker, the average UK family spent £58.42, or 7.7% of their income, on food each week in October 2011. The percentage has risen since the trackers inception in January 2007, when families spent 6.8% of their gross income on food.
    by Elinor Zuke; The Grocer; 07.01.2012
  5. In a sign of changing consumer behaviour, Stella Cidre and Walkers Crinkles were the most successful launches of 2011, The Grocer Top products survey reveals
    Top Products Survey; The Grocer; 17.12.2011
  6. The growing trend of personalising messaging is working for brands. On websites, 59% of consumers surveyed say they appreciate personalisation, such as “Welcome Jane”
    Pitney Bowes Report: Why Some of Your Customers Are Just Not That into You; RFP Connect; 16.02.2012
  7. 60% of shoppers say they are buying more supermarket own-label than they did two years ago
    Own-labels are packing a punch; by Laura Snoad. Marketing Week; 17.11.2011
  8. 75% of Brits are happy to receive promotions via their mobile phone
    Brands search for higher level of reception; by Tanzeel Akhtar; Marketing Week; 05.01.2012
  9. Nearly two-thirds of consumers who watch TV or video on a tablet did so even when there was a TV with the very same content available
    Tablets becoming screen of choice in radically changing landscape; Rapid TV News; 16.02.2011
  10. Over a third of consumers (41%) are giving up luxuries, such as beauty treatments and takeaway coffees, in order to save money
    Product of the year consumer survey; Food & Drink Innovation Network; 03.02.2012

By Michelle Vincent, Strategy Executive at Reach