10 Consumer Stats and Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands


Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.
  1. Do you need to make your packaging more green? 55% of 800 newspaper readers questioned said that a focus on packaging was key to making a brand green in their eyes whilst only 33% of marketers said the same thing
    Why honesty is the best green policy by Mark Choueke, Marketing week 13th June 2011
  2. How far do we go with convenience? Eight out of 10 parents are putting unhealthy food such as crisps and chocolate in their children’s lunchboxes, according to a survey
    The Daily Mail 20th August 2011
  3. Are the middle classes on the rise? 24% of the British public define themselves as working class and 71% as middle class
    Working-class heros by Gemma Charles, Marketing week 06th July 2011
  4. 25% of consumers are buying functional foods regularly. Just over 40% of consumers are buying products with added health benefits occasionally, while about 20% have never bought any.
    Focus on: Functional Food and Drink by Nick Hughes, The Grocer 09th July 2011
  5. 40% of shoppers consider desserts too unhealthy to eat regularly
    Health meets indulgence by Jane Bainbridge, Marketing week 10th August 2011
  6. The UK has the highest rate of childhood obesity in Europe with 25% of young people being classed as obese or overweight. The Government’s Foresight report suggests this will only get worse, with 40 per cent of Britons expected to be obese by 2025.
    The Daily Mail 20th August 2011
  7. 1 in 3 adults eats less chocolate than a year ago because of health concerns
    Appetite for indulgence will sweeten bitter pill by Lucy Handley, Marketing Week 21st April 2011
  8. Addicted to our phones? When asked what they would prefer to give up for a week, 70% of smartphone owners admitted that they would rather give up alcohol than their phone. 1/3 said they were prepared to give up sex instead of their smartphone
    Merkely and Partners August 2011
  9. 51% of UK respondents questioned say they always read the label on packaging to check ingredients before buying.
    Brands serve up a personal lifestyle plan by Maeve Hosea, Marketing Week 11th August 2011
  10. 72% of consumers think that UK brands should make more of their heritage –
    Dr Martens signs Deyn to flag up British roots by Nicola Clark, Marketing Week 10.08.11

By Jess Warren, Strategist at Reach
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