10 Consumer Stats & Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands

Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.

      1. In the UK, we eat more processed ready meals than any other European country, with 30% of adults eating at least one ready meal a week compared with 16% in France
        Don’t count calories, it’ll just make you fatter! Which foods really make us fat? MailOnline 10th September 2012
      2. A recent study by Barclays Wealth shows that there are 619.000 millionaires in the UK, up from 528,000 in 2008 and that the millionaire population is set to grow by another third by 2020
        customer-insight.co.uk – Satisfying the high rollers Autumn/Winter 2012
      3. The latest grocery share figures from Kantar Worldpanel, for the 12 weeks to 25 November, show Britain’s grocery market growing by 3.2%. This is below grocery inflation of 3.5% and suggests shoppers are becoming thrifty.
        Discount retailers grab market share as shoppers get thrifty by Julia Kollewe TheGuardian.co.uk Tuesday 04th December 2012
      4. Today, the top five ways Brits choose to manage weight are – 1. Exercise more 60%, 2. Eat small portions 55%, 3. Cut back on fatty foods 53%, 4. Cut back on sugary foods and drink 54% and 5. Cut back on desserts 46%. Meanwhile, just three in ten (30%) Brits opt for more diet foods to try to lose weight
        Mintel Press Release Jan 2013
      5. 62% of beer drinkers would cut back on the amount of beer or lager they drink if the price continues to rise
        Beer- UK, December 2012 report
      6. In terms of consumer preferences for food in 2012, more consumers often purchased supermarkets’ own-brand food products within economy ranges than seen in previous years, indicating that more ABC1 consumers are seeking value in their food purchases
        ABC1 Consumer Market Report 2013
      7. Around 7.8 million Britons are struggling to keep up their rent or mortgage payments, showing a sharp increase on a year ago
        One million homeowners take short-term loans to keep their home, homeless charity warns by Sam Webb Mail Online 04th Jan 2013
      8. Living up to our reputation of being a nation of fussy eaters who aren’t willing to experiment in new cuisines, 14% of 18-24 year olds take Cadbury’s chocolate on holiday with them and 17% travel with their favourite cereal
        There’s no place like home when you are on holiday by Amoss 07th October 2012
      9. The core breakfast consumers are children who account for 23.1% of breakfast occasions
        Cereal? Forget it by Natalie Brown The Grocer 11th August 2012
      10. 85% of customers said they were delighted (27%) or very/somewhat happy (58%) on receiving a public response to their comments on social media from a brand source
        Study: Delight consumers with public customer service responses via social by Helen Leggatt – Biz Report.com June 26th 2012

By Michelle Vincent, Strategy Manager at Reach

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