Molson Coors

By Reach Brands

A beer for women, yes that’s right a beer aimed squarely at women. Brave move for Molson Coors, particularly as only 14 per cent of British women choose beer over other drinks, compared to 40 per cent on the Continent. This statistic is due partly to the ‘manly’ beer swilling stereotype, the distinct ‘bitter’ flavour and the fear of weight gain.

Enter Animee, a new launch by Molson Coors that addresses the taste and calorie fear. Launching three in the range, a clear filtered, crisp rose and a zesty lemon at 107 calories a bottle. This new launch adds to the Brewers recently introduced Kasteel Cru range of ‘female friendly’ beers made from Champagne yeast. The brand design does link more to wine and alcopop cues which are characteristically more feminine so it will be interesting to see if the brand is able to change attitudes. I, for one will be watching this one closely!

By Zoe Tuttle, Strategist at Reach