10 Consumer Stats & Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands

Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.

  1. 70% of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China consumers agree that once they find a brand they like, they tend to stick to it.  This is considerably higher than US consumers (40%) and Western European counterparts (61%)
    BRICing it? The significance of brand building in the BRICs; TGI, Brandrepublic.com 08 March 2011
  2. The state of brand trust in Britain is at a low ebb, with just 10% of people saying they trust brands as much as they used to
    The new era of brand building Gary Moss, brandrepublic.com, 15 December 2010/Brand Vista
  3. 63% of pub visitors agreed with the statement that there are too many anonymous pub chains, and less than 40% agree that the pub os the heart and soul of the community
    YouGov, brandrepublic.com, 20 December 2010
  4. According to our research, football is the sport that dominates Bristons’ leisure time. Around 80% of all sports fans watch football on TV and a quarter attend live matches, making the sport by far the most popular live event
    YouGov, brandrepublic.com, 20 December 2010
  5. Are you part of middle Britain? For Middle Britain facebook is second only to Google for website visits and is likely to overtake it soon
    Richard Jenkings, brandrepublic, 21 February 2011/ Richard Jenkings, lead consultant, Experian Marketing Information Services, UK&I
  6. The X Factor is good for the mood of the nation. The show’s viewers are 29% more likely to agree that their current mood is positive compared to those who reject the show
    Pulse @ McCann London, brandrepublic.com, 24 December 2010
  7. Just 17% of consumers believe the consumer reviews they read on a company website are trustworthy
    Ralph Risk, brandrepublic.com, 21st April 2010
  8. Eating out is still ranked as the most popular leisure activity. Almost all adults have eaten out at least once in the past six months and 45% have done so five or more times.
    YouGov, brandrepublic.com, 20 December 2010
  9. What are the people in the UK up to on Bank Holidays?
    • Leisure activities: Cinema playing or watching sport, visiting museums and other cultural attractions 46%
    • DIY and Home Improvement 27%
    • Travel to visit family or friends 26%
    • Take extra trips to the supermarket 15%
    • Go shopping on the high street 11%
    • Have to work 9%
    • Holiday in UK – likely to increase in 2011 9%

    What the brits do on a bank holiday, Mintel report, 2008

  10. 10. Almost a quarter of UK consumers have a negative view of the introduction of product placement
    Viewers attitudes to product placement; Adele Gritten, brandrepublic.com, 23 March 2011