10 Consumer Stats & Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands


Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.
  1. According to a recent interactive survey exclusively for the Grocer, Heinz and Tesco have been voted the nations favourite brands
    Do Brits really care about buying British; by Julia Glotz; The Grocer; 24.03.2012
  2. 51% of the eggs sold in Britain last year were free range – the first time they have outsold battery
    Free Range eggs outsell those from caged hens for the first time; by Rob Cooper, Mail Online; 18.02.2012
  3. Two-thirds (65%) of shoppers polled by Ipsos Marketing said they liked to buy British food to support the economy (65%). But only 37% actually ensured most of their groceries are sourced in the UK
    UK Shoppers fail to buy British; Food & Drink Innovation Network; 22.11.2011
  4. Households throw away 17% of all food bought
    Defra report; Food & Drink Innovation Network; 19.01.2012
  5. Sales of fairly traded products have bucked the trend of decline in the UK retail market to grow by 12% in the last year
    UK Consumers go bananas for Fairtrade by Felicity Lawrence; The Guardian; 27.02.2012
  6. Women earning less than £15,000 gain far more from brands than average. They are 89% more likely the get a benefit in terms of pleasure and are more likely than average to feel connected to brands that give them higher status and make them feel more responsible
    Laid bare: the facts about brand bonding; Michael Barnett, Marketing Week; 01.03.2012
  7. On average people rated their life satisfaction at 7.4 out of 10. When asked whether things they did in life were worthwhile, people on average gave a score of 7.6
    Britons still happy despite financial woes, survey find; by Randeep Ramesh, The Guardian
  8. Of Britain’s 150 biggest grocery brands, just 44 are now UK-owned
    Best of British, by Guy Montague-Jones, The Grocer; 03.03.2012
  9. Despite the economic downturn, a significant percentage of the British public are paying for a daily caffeine fix, with one in 10 visiting a coffee shop every day
    Quality quest keeps sector full of beans; by Jo Roberts; Marketing Week; 09.02.2012
  10. Consumers have become more price conscious. Three years ago, 70% of consumers were unable to pinpoint the price of milk to within 5p, today 70% can
    Meet the New Type A – Nicola Clark; Marketing Magazine; 29.02.2012

By Michelle Vincent, Strategy Executive at Reach


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