10 Consumer Stats and Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands


Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.
  1. 43% of people that throw away mail do so because they objected to marketing materials, compared with 67% last year
    Making DM relevant; by Lucy Handley; Marketing Week; 20.10.2011
  2. Time pressures continue to impact the British approach to cooking from scratch at home with a fall to 45% in everyday cooking in 2011, compared to 52% in 2010
    Food & Drink Innovation Network; 27.09.2011
  3. Almost 7 out of 10 women wear foundation, face powder or tinted moisturiser; of these, 85% wear foundation
    Changing with the seasons; by Jane Bainbridge; Marketing Week; 26.10.2011
  4. Every year Brits buy over 1.6 billion packets of biscuits (that’s around 25 packets for every single person in the country)
    The Grocer Factfile – Biscuits
  5. More than 50% of consumers want brands to entertain them and see entertainment as a purchase driver
    Brands are welcomed on to the stage; by David Burrows; Marketing Week; 18.08.2011
  6. Brits spent an average of £539 million online each week in September 2011. This is out of a total sales figure of £5.61 billion, which means that £1 in every £10 is spend on goods bought online for the first time.
  7. How food tastes is more important for 55- to 64-year-olds than it is for those aged 54 and under, and the older group also considers the healthiness of the food more than others
    Fries and figures with your burger?; by Lucy Handley; Marketing Week; 27.10.2011
  8. One in six UK mobile phones are contaminated with faecal bacteria due to poor personal hygiene
    One in six mobile phones contains E coli; by David Batty; The Guardian; 13.10.2011
  9. 31% of men who have children aged 10-15 buy cleaning products
    A clean break with tradition on home front; by Michael Barnett; Marketing Week; 24.02.2011
  10. 31% of people say they check nutritional information on packaging most of the time and 35% say they do so sometimes
    Fries and figures with your burger?; by Lucy Handley; Marketing Week; 27.10.2011

By Jess Warren, Strategist at Reach
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