10 Consumer Stats and Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands

Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.
  1. 60% of consumers have used the internet to research different brands or models of a product they have been interested in buying in the last 6 months
    Ralph Risk; brandrepublic.com; 21.04.11
  2. Over 33% adults have been to the pub 5 times or more in the past 6 months
    Sport, movies and the pub: how we spend our leisure time; YouGov, brandrepublic.com; 20.12.10
  3. The UK’s top ten working-class brands:
    1. The Sun
    2. Iceland
    3. McDonalds
    4. KFC
    5. Asda
    6. The Labour Party
    7. easyJet
    8. ITV
    9. Alton Towers
    10. PizzaExpress
    Working-class heroes; by Gemma Charles; Marketing; 06.07.11
  4. Nearly 50% of consumers say they would consider buying goods using their mobile phone instead of their PC in the next year
    Consumers use smartphones to make tills ring; by Lucy Handley; Simpson Carpenter; 14.04.11
  5. Three out of ten over 75-year-olds always buy the same branded grocery products, while just 21% of 35 to 49 year olds do the same
    TV spots paint false image of material girls; by Maeve Hosea; Marketing Week; 07.07.11
  6. 23% of consumers say they never create online accounts to avoid giving personal details
    Don’t let your customers fade from view; by MaryLou Costa; Marketing Week; 23.06.11
  7. Nearly half of consumers would shun brands that aren’t taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint
    Public takes firm stance on carbon emission; Marketing Week; 30.06.11
  8. Two out of ten adults don’t apply deodorant daily
    Deodorants and body sprays: Still keeping their cool; by Jane Bainbridge;  Marketing; 13.07.11
  9. More than half of shampoo buyers are influenced by low prices and more than 70% by special offers
    Treatment has its rewards; Marketing; 29.06.11
  10. 21% of consumers say that cheaper brands are just as good as mid-priced brands
    Mid-market brands: Putting some balance back into the market; by Lou Cooper; Marketing Week; 14.07.11