Bob’s Edible Packaging

By Reach Brands

This Brazilian fast food chain has taken recycling in to their restaurants and even one step further, literally into the consumers that eat there. This is because of the companies innovation regarding the way their Burgers are packaged: using edible rice paper.

The packaging itself then became part of the experience of eating the burger, therefore allowing consumers to eat the food before unwrapping it. Unveiling the tempting and irresistible pleasures inside. Apparently, according to ‘Bobs’ their restaurants were left litter-less. Therefore presenting a solution to environmentally friendly packaging.

This is exactly the kind of attitude and expression packaging companies need to embrace to contribute to a sustainable future. In this case showing an intent into fresh thinking and R&D. However, an idea that looks revolutionary often hasn’t been executed in the correct manner…


By Alex Wotton, Strategy Executive at Reach