Essential Patch

By Reach Brands

Aromatherapy is usually associated with hot scented steams, joss sticks and scented candles. However Essential Patch utilises this healing process as well as topical absorption through a 100% natural and adhesive free patch.

These patches have been developed as a holistic aid to help relieve common ailments and boost our immune systems; perfect for those of us who are feeling run down during the winter months. They benefit the consumer by influencing our endocrine and autonomic systems which in turn influence basic cell and organ function. Creating that all round well being feeling.

This isn’t just an ethical product, but an ethical business. Their ‘Essential Mission’ is to take a percentage of each product sold and bank it towards a target amount to be given to a non profit organisation of their choice. The current mission is contributing funds to The Medical Abuse Project in America.

By Alex Wotton, Strategy Executive at Reach