10 Consumer Stats & Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands

Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.

  1. Offers that shoppers are most wary of are: a free holiday (35%) closely followed by a cash prize (25%) and a free car (18%). Savvy Brits are far more likely to take advantage of offers that give them instant rewards, are realistic and credible, coming from a reputable company and are lower value, such as buy-one-get-one-free deals and money off vouchers.
    Consumers do not trust special offers says nectar eshops July 2012 Lifestyle Magazine British
  2. Fewer shoppers are willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly products (about a quarter in 2011); many still need convincing of the effectiveness of washing at 30°C or lower
    Laundry detergents and fabric conditioners by Jane Bainbridge Marketingmagazine.co.uk 25th July 2012
  3. Two-thirds of the online UK population aged 10 to 65 play video games of some kind. In 2012, they spent £3.6bn (up 6% on 2011) and 387 million hours per week (up 19%) on gaming in total
    Mobile plays lead role in growth of gaming by Michael Barnett Marketing Week 19th July 2012
  4. Among 35 to 44 year old men, lunchbox consumption of sandwiches has risen by 9% year-on-year, outstripping growth in their consumption of food-to-go sandwiches, which rose 7%
    Men’s lunchboxes get bigger by Karen Bamford The Grocer 21st July 2012
  5. Fewer then a third of us, 29%, pay attention to how much alcohol our drinks contain
    Mailonline 20th July 2012
  6. While more than nine out of ten use beauty products on their face, only half believe their lotions and potions will do what they claim on the label
    Beauty map of Britain by Rosie Taylor mailonline 14th July 2012
  7. The UK is home to the third most slothful population in Europe, with two thirds of adults failing to take enough exercise to keep themselves healthy
    UK has third most inactive population in Europe by Sarah Boseley – Guardian.co.uk
  8. Over half of smartphone users claim to use their phone in some way when out shopping.
    This includes taking photos of products (31%); making online price comparisons (25%); scanning bar codes to get more product information (21%); reading product reviews online (19%); and researching product features (19%)
    Texting overtakes talking in UK, says Ofcom study BBC New 18th July 2012
  9. Out of the 10 brands that have grown in value the most in the past year, according to the Brand Finance study, five are consumer-facing companies that make their British origin a focal point of their marketing
    Flying the flag raises value of british brands by Michael Barnett Marketing Week 31st May 2012
  10. New research by comparison site travelsupermarket.com has found that a quarter of men are now making sure there bodies look great for their holidays by going to their local gym while 19% of men are going on strict diets to try and get that beach looking body
    Men are losing weight for their summer holidays Lifestyle Magazine July 2012

By Michelle Vincent, Strategy Executive at Reach