10 Consumer Stats & Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands

Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.

  1. 18-34 year olds are defying the challenging economic conditions by going out to eat and drink 29% more often than at the same time last year.
    Eating out has become a ‘lifestyle’ for Generation Y, by Rebecca Prescott FoodBev.com, 05th July 2012
  2. 68% of people routinely buy the same foods from the supermarket each week, supporting the stereotype that the British really are creatures of habit.
    Colorful diet? Biege food dominates British plates, Sourcewire.com
  3. According to the Meaningful Brand Index survey of 50,000 consumers globally, only 20% of brands are perceived to have a notable positive impact on consumers’ sense of well-being and quality of life. In the UK only 5% of brands are seen to make a difference and most people would not care if 91% of brands didn’t exist.
    Innovation, by Nicola Clark, marketingmagazine.co.uk, 25th July 2012
  4. 38% of people in Great Britiain purchased gift cards in the last 12 months.
    Brands share in joy of giving on Facebook, by Mindi Chahal, Marketing Week, 16th August 2012
  5. 75% of women over 35 are heavily involved in the final purchase of a TV compared with 41% of young women and 43% of young men.
    Who controls entertainment in the home?, by Morag Cuddeford-Jone, Marketing Week, 14th June 2012
  6. The average British woman looks at herself in a mirror 38 times a day – be that a once-over in a shop window reflection or a check for stray mascara marks in a compact.
    How long could you go without looking in the mirror? Stylist.co.uk
  7. Loyalty is lost when it comes to the body care market as it reports a 10% decline in sales of body care products from 2007-2012. 23% of those who use body care products at least once a week usually buy what’s on sale.
    Mintel: no loyalty in lotion, affordability is key, by Michelle Yeomans, Cosmetics design-europe.com, 24th August 2012
  8. One in five men wear extra-large or larger clothing with a waist measurement of 38 inches or more while 31% of women wear garments sized 16 or above.
    The soaring cost of our expanding waistlines, by Lucy Waterlow, Mail Online, 09th August 2012
  9. Consumers rate organic as less important than 22 other credentials, including ‘healthy’, ‘high in vitamins’, Fairtrade, ‘free range, ‘locally produced’, ‘natural’ and ‘free from pesticides’
    Crossing out the ‘O’word, by Natalie Brown, The Grocer, 25th August 2012
  10. About one in five people (22%) have bought a product or service after seeing it on Facebook.
    Women make friends with ‘liked’ brands on Facebook, by Lara O’Reilly, Marketing Week, 09th August 2012

By Michelle Vincent, Strategy Executive at Reach