10 Consumer Stats and Interesting Facts

By Reach Brands


Ten interesting and useful reported statistics on consumer attitudes, behaviours, trends and demographics.
  1. The average mum has only an hour and three-quarters to herself on a weekday and averages only 6.8 hours sleep a night.
    Source: Consumer Analysis Ltd
  2. The wealthiest UK households with an annual income of £62,200 or above, will be spending £2,700 less annually on products and services in 2014-2015.
    Source: Brands feeling the pinch need to tailor offer; by Lou Cooper; Marketing Week; 05.05.2011
  3. Consumers throw away ca £12 billion worth of good food each year (5.3 million tonnes of edible food) in the UK.
    Source: Love Food, Hate Waste; recent-ecl.blogspot.com; 19.09.2011
  4. 49% of men said that wearing a pair of lovely shoes makes them feel great.
    Source: Consumer Analysis Ltd
  5. According to a study by Bionsen, women in the UK spend more than £100,000 on make up in their life time. That’s a shade over £2000 during each year of adulthood, or nearly £40 in an average week.
    Source: dailyrecord.co.uk; 29.07.2011
  6. Only 36% of consumers know what Quick Response (QR) codes* are for and how to scan them.
    Source: Most people have no idea what QR codes are for; by Lara O’Reilly; Marketing Week; 08.09.11
  7. Pet crazy – One third of females would rather talk to their pet than a male.
    Source: Pet Plan Pet Census 2011
  8. Show me the monied! Around 185,000 homeowners in Britain own property worth £1m or more.
    Source: The rapid rise of the property millionaires; by Becky Barrow; www.thisismoney.co.uk; 02.05.2011
  9. 44% of men acknowledge that they have a skincare regime.
    Source: Interest rate in male beauty brands rises; by Mary Lou Costa; Marketing Week; 15.09.2011
  10. Families now have more computers than bicycles, with 2.6 computers per family household and only 2.5 bikes per family.
    Source: Consumer Analysis Ltd

By Jess Warren, Strategist at Reach
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*QR or Quick Response code is a two-dimensional barcode. These are often used for adding web links to a printed page. When you scan such a QR bar code using a web cam or mobile phone camera, the QR reader application takes you to a website, a YouTube video or some other web content. QR codes are an easy way to send people to a site without having to type a URL.