Laugh out loud – innovation workshops

By Reach Brands

We believe that the secret to running a good brainstorming workshop is laughter. Creating a relaxed and fun environment – where ideas can flow freely – gets people thinking creatively.

An effective brainstorming group should be made up of a combination of people with diverse backgrounds and a multitude of skills, who, more often than not, are strangers. Initially, this can lead to awkwardness. So making the most of a brainstorming day means breaking down barriers between people as rapidly as possible.

When fun is at the top of the agenda, it can eliminate obstacles and create a way of framing problems – so that they can be turned into creative challenges. Having a group that is relaxed with one another allows for open dialogue, where people feel free to express their ideas – no matter how ‘off the wall’ they may seem. Laughter at crazy suggestions often acts as the spark which ignites other ideas – and can give space for a blinding thought to emerge.

Shaking up a brainstorm can add a little unexpected fun. One way of doing this is to use semi-trained consumers as part of the team. This can also help to elevate creativity. A facilitator that is adept at deconstructing and framing the creative challenge is imperative.

Holding the interest of the group is also critical and the use of visual tools is key to creating engagement and sparking ideas. Images elicit personal responses from the participants – stimulating debate and, ultimately, encouraging creative thought. Using visuals can turn a mediocre brainstorm into a raging success – the difference between a chuckle and a belly laugh!

By Zoe Tuttle, Strategist at Reach
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