Quick Fix Convenience

By Reach Brands

5.7 per cent of British workers put in more than 48 hours a week*. That’s a quarter of us working an extra 2.6 hours per day in addition to the classic 9-5! No wonder we’re busy, no wonder we’re tired, no wonder we have no time. As a result our need for convenience is great. In response to this we can observe a trend towards products that provide a quick-fix: from an easy dose of nutrition, to a beauty cheat or an energy rush to get us through these long working days.


Of course!

Juices and drinks seem to take the lead making vitamins more accessible; re-hydration simple and giving us hits of energy to get us through the busy (and long) day. Fresh Fruit and Veg lend a helping hand mashing our potato and copping and peeling our fruit, veg and salad. Cosmetics provide a few cheats – 2 in1 foundation and powder, and quick use tanning wipes. And Household helps us quickly refresh our homes with all manner of detergent and polish wipes.


Dry shampoos have been around for years but are experiencing some of a renaissance – with Batiste making a splash and extending their range of products (see below) to new fragrances; Tresemme’s range of Fresh Start (no need to use water) products and up and coming brands like Phil Smith launching dry shampoo products as part of their range.


It sort of really feels like everyone is doing it, but there is definitely still room for more quick fixes: Nicely presented dinner party platters aperitifs; Fortified unflavored mineral water? Quick cook (Express?) dried pasta? Popped fresh peas? Booze with added health benefits (to compensate for naughties!). No sew buttons? Spray-on solution that drops creases from clothes overnight?

What to ask

What should you be asking yourselves and your consumers if you are thinking of embracing the quick fix trend within your organisations NPD? Here are a selection of questions inspired by three launches that are working the trend:

Here are a selection of questions inspired by four launches that are working the trend:



  • What is the gap for a quick-fix in our category? For example, is it a healthy energy drink to rival the sugary, caffeine based ones?
  • Have previous quick fixes in this category had negative connotations? For example, the perception of being Red Bull and Relentless being quite aggressive – how can we distance our product from this appeal to a different target?
  • How obvious should the “quick fix” communication be? Should we be explicit about the benefit or should the consumer discover it for themselves?


Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

  • Do we have a good enough product available to launch as a quick fix? It needs to work, does it?
  • What is the positive spin on this quick fix? – for example is it more about “refreshing” than about not having to wash your hair for another day or two?
  • Does this product work with our positioning? For example we are all about salon beauty at affordable prices – but you would not see this product in a salon.


Fruit Shoot

  • Will a new quick fix product cannabalise our existing product? I.e. will the consumer use it to replace their daily smoothie?
  • What is more important? The convenience communication? Or our usual brand values and appetite appeal?
  • Does the product fit well within one of our existing sub-ranges, or should we create something new?