The Lynx affect – getting us into a bit of a lather

By Reach Brands

Unilevers’ power brand Lynx (or Axe as it’s known in other markets) is interesting and different, a brand that is number 1 in the UK for male grooming and one whose tongue in cheek fun loving way of tackling issues of sex appeal is refreshingly unique! Well they are now getting us into a bit of a lather by relaunching their range of shower gels to complement its body spray ranges.

The range is likely to shake up the category by virtue of it being Lynx with its controversial theme ‘The Cleaner You Are the Dirtier You Get’. Fragrances promise an element of seduction and the exotic with names like Excite, Instinct and Shock.

The other difference is that they have designed a pack that’s ergonomically designed for one hand dispensing – perfect! To top it off it uses less material than previously which could start to elevate the brand into an angelic rather than devilish status – hmmm fallen angels… now that sounds like a great concept idea!

By Zoe Tuttle, Strategist at Reach