Encona Sauces for Grace Foods

The brief

Synonymous with chilli sauces, Encona is the UK’s original and No1 Hot Pepper Sauce. Although the product is seen as the best quality you can get, the brand had lost its emotional engagement, even amongst loyalists.

It was now being impersonated by numerous copycat brands and in an attempt to distance itself it had completely moved away from its very distinctive and recognisable brand equities.

Lastly the Encona product range had expanded over time to encompass chilli sauces from all over the world, and not just from its Caribbean heritage. The result was a brand offering that did not make sense to its consumers.

Reach’s process of bringing consumers into the process at the very start just meant that we were all so clear on what had to be done and why. It gave us the confidence to make a big move. From brief to shelf took just over 5 months.

Giuseppe Vullo, Brand Manager, Encona Sauces